About me

I live mostly in a small kitchen, which is in Oxford. By day I work in publishing and by night I’m working my way through my cookbook collection, from A-Z: one  week, one book. This blog came in at G. I like lists and I can’t handle spontaneity, although I’m working on that too. My favourite things to eat include: anything salty or garlicky, anything with beans or pulses, cake, bread, and dough in all its forms, and pretty much anything of a middle eastern origin: pistachios, cardamom, tahini, rosewater, dates…if a recipe has one of those things, I will inevitably put a post-it note on it.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I might be teaching yoga, forming strong opinions about books, or trying to pretend I know what I’m doing on my allotment.


2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Mary Wooding Says:

    Loved it all Ailsa, I shall stop using recipe books and just log on when I run out of ideas! You must take after your Dad as I am sure neither your mother or I were that adventurous with our cooking!!

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