Sweetcorn fritters with spinach, bacon and roasted tomatoes

September 24, 2009

All that talk of autumn and something pretty summery, albeit the tail end of summer. Well, corn cobs were reduced in Waitrose (the sweetcorn on the allotment is looking pretty hopeless). This is actually taken from a Bill Granger breakfast dish but works well scaled up for supper – you create a substantial batter with chunky sweetcorn cut from the cob, a mass of chopped herbs (coriander and parsley, though you could stick with one), spring onions and half a red pepper, fry dollops the size of saucers until browned and crisp on the outside, and serve with grilled bacon rashers, some tomatoes roasted in a medium hot oven, and baby spinach leaves. Tom (lovely live-in cooking partner) had his with maple syrup. I had a hunch sweet chilli sauce might be good too, but resisted for the control test.

We used the corn from 2 cobs for a 2-egg batter and had plenty of fritters with leftovers to stuff into toasted pitta for lunch tomorrow.

Sweetcorn fritters 053

I gather you have to have photos on these blog thingys, so bear with me – my camera skills are not so hot. Tomatoes!

Sweetcorn fritters 049


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