Hello world!

September 23, 2009

So, September. And it really is autumn now, like a switch has been flicked: last week, we went out for dinner and it was dark. I’ve been wearing knitwear. I’m having to swipe the overnight dew from my bike saddle before I set off in the mornings. I know it’s kind of depressing to some people, but I like it. It makes me think of stew with dumplings, of baking while it rains outside, of roasting squashes and chickens and an utterly fragrant autumn nut pesto I made this time last year. It’s not quite fireplaces and thick socks and ‘what-happened-to-the-year?’ but it’s a cosy kind of settling in that I’m pretty comfortable with.

Anyway, since September is the traditional month of back-to-school and changes afoot, a tentative new project for me: a place where I can keep up my writing, which is mainly going to be about food since that’s what I spend so much of my time thinking and reading and wittering about to bemused friends and family. Why not write about it as well? No-one has to know I’m here…


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